TESOL 英語教師執照

TESL is the abbreviation of English as a Second Language Teacher, which is a professional certificate course for English teacher training in North America, while TESOL is the abbreviation of other languages for English teachers. It has a high reputation in international English teaching and training. In order to become one of the necessary courses for English teachers, TEFL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and it is also a highly recognized English teaching certificate in the world. With these certificates, not only you can teach English in North America, but also become English teachers in different countries around the world.

After school tutor 課後輔導


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Specialist tutoring 專科輔導

According to each student's academic problems in the after-school group, we will solve them through special tutoring, in English, mathematics, physics and chemistry, or fill in the gaps, or any other difficulty. We will assist the students to make further progress. The curriculum and learning materials of our center are resourceful and complete. Ranging from junior high school subjects to academic IELTS, the college can meet the learning needs of most students and parents. We look forward to helping students achieve their goals.