Study plan 學習規劃

It is a personalized long-term planning service of our school. Whether the student is in primary school, junior high school or high school, whether at home or abroad, we guide students throughout the whole process to enter a reputated North American school, and help students improve in an all-around way in order to meet the admission requirements. Education consultants conduct a comprehensive analysis of the admitted candidates and customize a study plan for their development according to their background expertise, interests, aspirations, current development and future ideals. Our experienced consultants and professional teams provide well-rounded education consulting services.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award was established in the United Kingdom in 1956 with the purpose of encouraging young people aged 14-24 to participate in projects through planning and arrangements and to improve themselves and discover interests. The Edinburgh Project is not only well-known in the UK, but also has young people from more than 130 countries participating in the international community. It was introduced to Canada in 1963 and became the target of the youth challenge. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has a high reputation in academic circles all over the world. Participating in this award program will have a great advantage in applying for schools in the future. In the future, if you put your resume in, you will have an advantage over others when looking for a job.

Guardian Services 監護服務

Our center provides a full range of guardianship services for international students, from issuing guardianship documents, attending school parent meetings to assisting students in dealing with various problems encountered in their studies and life. Our guardianship has yearly experiences and a strong sense of responsibility. We will provide the students with careful, patient and sincere guardianship services like the parents of the students.

Summer Study Tour 夏令營

Listen to the sound of the Pacific Ocean scouring the west coast in the fresh summer of Vancouver while learning and communicating with friends from all over the world and experiencing the world's leading education. Broaden your horizons, cultivate a sense of independence and self-reliance and outstanding leadership. Children who are happy, healthy, and blend with different cultural backgrounds spend a summer here in nature, which will be a wonderful experience that will benefit them for life!  

Canadian citizenship test training

Quickly grasp all the information of the naturalization test, and learn about the "Discover Canada" in an outline. Learning about the analysis of historical geopolitical focus and English conversational oral interview skills training. The program includes free mock quizzes, free applications from our service!