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✦ TESL / TESOL / TEFL Certificate



TESL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Second Language. This is a professional certificate for teacher training, and TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which has a high reputation in English teaching and training in the world. One of the essential courses for teachers, TEFL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is also a highly recognized English teaching certificate in the international arena. By obtaining these certificates, people can teach English anywhere in North America and they are qualified as professional English teachers in different countries of the world.

Why do people need a TESL / TESOL / TEFL certificate? 

Are you interested in teaching English? Do you want to be a professional ESL teacher?  

This course includes the certification requirements for three English teaching certificates. After obtaining the certificate, and you will be a professional English teacher. Not only you can teach in Canada and the United States, you can also teach English all over the world, and become a highly recognized teacher.During the course of TEFL certificate training, you can effectively improve the ability of English teaching, and you become more competitive in the workplace and the job market. 


TESL / TESOL / TEFL Course Targets 

If you have a good foundation in English, and you are interested in English education or dissatisfied with your current career, prepare to adapt a new life as a professional English teacher in North America, China, and other countries. Then, this TESL/ TESOL / TEFL course will be an excellent choice for you.

How to get a TESL / TESOL / TEFL certificate?

Complete 2 hours of online courses and internships daily, ranging from 3-6 months of study, and you can get the TESOL English teaching certificate. 

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