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Based on the latest Cambridge series of real questions, which will be explained in details in terms of the key points, difficulties, and the skills of clearance. The Newton IELTS course is guided by the IELTS examiner and the actual exam. The course focuses on from the basic to advanced knowledge of English learning and consolidation, and comprehensively improves the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, students will be taught how to perform well under the time pressure in IELTS test. Through systematic and intensive study, students can improve the English level in a short period of time and help students achieve great results and desirable test scores.

We specifically hired an IELTS pre-examimer to lecture and conduct the mock interview for students


✦TESL / TESOL / TEFL Certificate

TESL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Second Language. This is a professional certificate for teacher training, and TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which has a high reputation in English teaching and training in the world. One of the essential courses for teachers, TEFL is the abbreviation of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is also a highly recognized English teaching certificate in the international arena. By obtaining these certificates, people can teach English anywhere in North America and they are qualified as professional English teachers in different countries of the world.


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✦ After School Tutor

During the After School Tutoring, students can come to the academy to review and consolidate what they learned at school, deepen their understanding, complete school assignments under the guidance of teachers, and avoid wasting precious time on online games. The academy has experienced tutors on site and provide a variety of learning materials.

The after-school study group provides students with a safe, comfortable and positive learning environment. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students inspire each other, learn from each other's strengths, and make progress together in an environment full of learning atmosphere.

The after-school study group starts from 3:30 pm every Monday to Friday, and students can participate flexibly according to their own schedule!


✦ Private Tutoring

Based on the academic difficulties and obstalces that students encoutner in the after-school study group, we will solve them through our professional knowledge. We will closely mintor and guide through each subject including English, Science courses and others as the students need.

The Newton Learning Academy offers a wide range of courses and studying materials, from primary and secondary subjects to academic IELTS, which cater to the learning needs of most students and parents and to help the students achieve their goals. 


✦ School/ Career Plan

 Studying abroad is a personalized and long-term planning service in Newton Learning Academy. Whether our clients are in elementary school, junior high school or high school, whether at home or abroad, we will guide through the students to the top schools in North America, and specifically helps the students to improve in order to meet the admission requirements of the prestigious schools. The education consultants conduct a comprehensive analysis of the applicants, tailoring their development plans based on their background expertise, ambitions, current developments and future ideals. Our school counsellor and the professional teams provide high-end educational and well-rounded consulting services. 


✦The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was created in the UK in 1956. The purpose of the project is to encourage young people aged 14-24 to participate in the project through project planning, and to enhance themselves and discover interests. The Edinburgh project is not only well-known in the UK, but also in more than 130 countries internationally. Young people participated and introduced Canada in 1963, becoming the target of youth challenges. The Duke of Edinburgh awards are highly recognized in academia around the world, and participating in this award program is very important in future university applications, and in addition, the job hunting will be more advantageous than other people in the future.  ...More

 The Duke of Edinburgh Awards pave you the road to prestigious school


✦ Summer Camp

Feel the fresh air of Vancouver, listen to the sounds of the Pacific Ocean scouring the West Coast, learn and communicate with friends from all over the world, and experience the world's leading growth education. Broaden your horizons, foster a sense of independence and outstanding leadership. Entertaining in nature, happy, healthy, and blending children of different cultural backgrounds will spend a summer here and will be a wonderful experience for life!


✦ Journey to Different Famous Universities/ Colleges

Leading our members to visit 10 world-class universities in Canada, get the first-hand information on study abroad from school representatives or seniors, help students plan their future education as early as possible, and build a bridge to success. In addition, you can explore the international attractions of Canada, and you will be able to open up the international vision of the members, and gain a glimpse of the multi-North American cultures. 


✦ Guardian service

The Newton Learning Academy also provides a full range of guardian services for international and domestic students. From the issuance of guardianship documents, attending school parent meetings, and assisting students in dealing with various problems encountered in study and life, our experienced teachers have profound experiences and a strong sense of responsibility. It will provide students with extra careful and patient services just like the parents of the students. 


✦ Canadian Citizenship Exam/ Program

Easily and quickly master all the information on the Canadian naturalization test, and learn the skills to discover Canada. Program includes historical geography and political analysis, english conversational oral interview skills training. In addition there are free mock quizzes and we will help fill out the application form service at no charge!


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